Live Surgeries

Live Surgeries will be transmitted from Nordwest Hospital.

Dr. Sylvia Weiner became head of the department for bariatric surgery in 01/2018.

Live Surgery Sessions on Thursday

Giovanni Dapri (Belgium)

9:10 am: Live-Surgery 1: Three-trocar laparoscopic Roux-gastric bypass >> here

Karl-Peter Rheinwalt (Germany)

11:30 am: Live-Surgery 2: OAGB/MGB >> here

Dieter Birk (Germany)

01:30 pm: Live-Surgery 3: Sleeve Gastrectomy: using a Camera robot >> here

Daniel Gärtner (Germany)

04:00 pm: Live-Surgery 4: Sleeve into SADI >> here

Live Surgery Sessions on Friday

Bruno Dillemans (Belgium)

08:45 am: Live-Surgery 5: Revisional Case >> here

Mohit Bhandari (India)

11:20 am: Live-Surgery 6: Banded Bypass >> here

Manoel Galvão Neto (Brazil)

02:45 pm: Live-Surgery 6: Primary Endo-Sleeve with Overstich-System >> here