Program Overview

We are pleased to inform you that the Frankfurter Meeting will take place in Frankfurt, Germany from November 19-20, 2020 as planned!

In addition, we have set up an online platform that will enable you to participate in the congress even if you cannot travel to Frankfurt or in case of a ban on travel.

You can book both registrations via our online registration.

For all registered participants we have a special highlight for you:
At the end of the event all courses of your booked days will be available for 30 days.

Preliminary Programm Frankfurter Meeting 2020
Thursday, 19.11.2020
Time Saal Horizont
Level 4
Saal Kosmos
Level 3
Saal Komet
Level 3
Saal Kristall
Level 3
Level 3
Level 4
08:30 –
10:00 am
Surg 1:
We go live!
Minor Revisions
Hands On! Tricks&Pitfalls 1 (Part1)
Industry and Catering
10:00 –
10:30 am
Coffee Break & Learn
(Industry Exhibition)
Fake News
(Press Conference)
10:30 am –
12:30 pm
Surg 2:
We go live!
Major Revisions
Ain´t got no sugar (Metabolic Surgery) Hands On! Tricks&Pitfalls 1 (Part2)
In the Army now! (Standardization)
12:30 –
01:30 pm
Lunch Break & Learn
(Industry Exhibition)
01:30 –
03:30 pm
Surg 3:
We go live!
Save the Hiatus
Surgeons for Future
(Young IFSO)
Hands On! Tricks&Pitfalls 2 (Part1)
Care about Your Patient!
(Allied Health)
03:30 –
04:00 pm
Coffee Break & Learn
(Industry Exhibition)
04:00 –
05:30 pm
Surg 4:
We go live!
Cut the bowel
Just Beautiful! (Postbariatric Surgery) Hands On! Tricks&Pitfalls 2 (Part2)
(Robotic Surgery)
05:30 –
06:00 pm
Obesity Across Cultures:
The battle Session
06:00 –
06:30 pm
Highway to Hell
Videos of rare and dramatic situations
06:30 –
07:30 pm
Don´t Drink & Drive
(Welcome in the Industry Exhibtion)